About us

Ours is the story of two sisters who grew up in an artistic family with an eternal bond to Paris. From an early age, we lived and breathed fashion right from the heart of the city of lights.
We see fashion as a guiding light in its own right, not merely a series of temporary trends. Au contraire, to us, it is a form of self-expression.
Our designs embody the French woman we are all inspired by: Graceful, worldly and strikingly stylish with minimal effort. Anais & Margaux bears a subtle testament to that timeless style.
In our world, simple forms accentuated by distinctive accessories highlight the beauty of the body au naturel. Refined silhouettes with a touch of vintage and impeccable fit create Anais & Margaux’s signature effortless look that transcends beyond contemporary trends.
With our selection of top-quality materials and inherited gift for attention to detail, we make sure each Anais & Margaux product is made with utmost care.
We blend the past and the future to create a singular sense of elegance for today