The story of the brand starts at the childhood stage of two young sisters in the middle of the heart of Paris which is the city of fashion.
The girls got inspired by their uncles passion for fashion and haute couture; who has worked more then 50 years in Paris as a pattern maker for haute couture styles.
The girls learned from him and this is how they entered into the world of fashion.
In 2015, the first collection of the brand was introduced into the market with the slogan “feel the elegance”.
The brand name Anais &Margaux, represents the names of the two sisters.
“Anais” stands for grace and elegance whereas Margaux means pearl. So the combination of the both names underlines the brands identity.
The brands inspiration symbolises the style of the french women; it represents a timeless, elegant and simple designs.
The exclusive accessories , fabrics and quality used on the styles makes the brand even more special as each piece is distinctive for itself. 

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